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Menifee Valley Little League Division Information

Tee Ball
Ages 4-6 Players who are league age 4-6 and have not played organized baseball should start with Tee Ball. This is the entry level into organized baseball for most children.  It is totally instructional and done in an encouraging and nurturing setting.  Players will be taught the basics of the game: how to hit, run the bases, catch, throw and work as a team.  Every child bats and plays the field every inning.  Teams switch after the full lineup hits.  Players hit and run to first base only and do not leave the base even if an out is made.  The defense works to try to make an 'out'.  Game times up to 1 hour, generally enough for two or three innings depending on the number of kids present.

Coach Pitch
Ages 5-6.  Players who are league age 5 or 6 that have participated for at least one spring or fall season in the Tee Ball Division are eligible to play Beginning Machine Pitch/Coach Pitch.  A step up from Tee Ball, players will be given up to four pitches from the machine/coach and if unsuccessful will hit off the tee.  If a batter or runner is 'out' they will leave the field as in normal baseball.  Score is not kept and there are no standings.  Game times are about an hour to 75 minutes.  This level continues to build upon foundation laid in T-ball.  Everyone plays defense and the full lineup bats each inning.

Ages 6-7.  For 6-year olds and 7-year olds who are not yet ready for AA.  This level becomes more like real baseball.  Players will get five pitches from the player pitcher, after which the coach will complete the at-bat if the player has not struck out or put the ball into play. Teams switch sides after three outs or four runs have scored.  Batters and runners may advance more than one base on hits to the outfield, but there is no advancing on overthrows or stealing.  The catcher position is introduced at this level and the infield is limited to the standard infield positions.  All players play on defense so teams may have more than three outfielders playing.  Games are generally 75-90 minutes.

For ALL levels Double-A and above:
For spring seasons all players league age 8 and above (and those 7-year olds that wish to try to play AA) must participate in a player evaluation in January (date & Location TBA), after which they will be placed into the appropriate division for their age and skill level (7-year old's will either be in Machine Pitch or AA).  If they are in Double-A or higher they will be 'drafted' onto a team.  Teams will keep score and standings will be kept in these divisions.  At the end of the spring season MVLL holds league tournaments at these levels with the winners advancing to District 28 Tournament of Champions.  Players league age 8 and above that were evaluated prior to the season are eligible for All-Stars after the season.  

Ages 7-8 with some 9-year olds.  Full kid pitch that follows Little League pitch limit guidelines.  Catchers play a bigger role.  Umpires are introduced to call balls and strikes and officiate the game.  The batting order is the complete roster but only nine players may be in the field at a time on defense.  Players are guaranteed play according to Little League rules.  All extra base hits are allowed.  Players may steal 2nd or 3rd base once the pitch has crossed the plate and players may advance to 2nd and 3rd base on a passed ball or overthrow but 3rd base is locked--no advancing home via steal, passed ball or overthrow on a steal.   A team's turn at bat is over when five runs have scored or three outs have been made until the fourth inning when there is no run limit.  Games are 90-120 minutes in length.

Ages 9-10 with some 11 year olds who are not ready for Majors.  Similar to Double-A except at an older, more advanced level.  Third base is no longer locked and the run limit is five runs for the first three innings.  Games are 1 hour, 45 minutes and longer in length.

Ages 10-12.  Players who are league age 10-12 are eligible to be selected to a Little League (“Majors”) Division team for the regular season.  This is the level of baseball played at the Little League World Series seen on TV.    The local league board of directors may restrict this division to players who are league age 10-12 or 11-12.

50-70 or Intermediate  
Ages 12-13 with some advanced 11-year olds.  This level acts as a bridge between the AAA/Majors levels (46 foot pitching distance, 60 foot bases) and the Junior/Seniors levels on the standard diamond (60 foot pitching distance, 90 foot bases).  Lead-offs, pick-offs and full stealing are allowed.  The pitching distance is 50 feet and the bases are 70 feet apart.  Games are seven innings with a minimum of five innings within a possible time limit and can be more than two hours in length.

Juniors and Seniors
Ages 13-14 for Juniors with some advanced 12-year old's15-16 for Seniors with some advanced 14-year old's.  Both levels play standard baseball on a full size field with 60 foot pitching distance and 90 foot bases.  Similar to high school baseball.  Games must be a minimum of five innings within a time limit or 7 innings and can be more than two hours in length.

Players who are league age 14-16 are eligible to be selected to a Senior League Division team for the regular season. The local league board of directors may decide to have a different age-cutoff for this division, provided it is within the grouping noted. For example, the Senior Division in a local Little League could be limited to players who are league age 15-16.

Those who are not included among the league ages listed above are not eligible for any baseball division in Little League for the current season.


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